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SailListings.com (www.saillistings.com) was launched on June 23, 2014 as an internet marketplace to buy, sell and trade used sailboats, new sailboats, used sails, used sailing gear and used sailing hardware as well as offer advertisement based directory for marine related businesses.

On June 28, 2014 the website had already recorded 1464 unique visits, had 119 registered users and 79 active listings published and viewable. These great numbers allowed further development of the website and on July 3, 2014 the official SailListings.com logo was uploaded to the website.

SailListings.com (www.saillistings.com) is owned by Nauti Booty, Inc.

Unlike other so-called "sailboat classified", "sailing classified" or "sailing marketplace" websites, we use the most up-to-date HTML5 technology to power SailListings.com - this results in a high-speed, high-performance and reliable experience for our visitors.

SailListings.com (www.saillistings.com) also offers an automatic mobile version of the website for visitors that are accessing the site from a smartphone or tablet. The website is automatically displayed in the correct format depending on what operating system the device is running - with no additional download required.

SailListings.com (www.saillistings.com) is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) friendly. 

Our superior technology ensures that all major search engines quickly and accurately index all listings on our site - giving your advertisements the best exposure possible. SailListings.com automatically creates friendly URL's, automatic meta descriptions and automatic keywords for all listings. We automatically generate and submit our sitemap to all the major search engines on a daily basis; allowing your listing to be found in search engines within hours of posting.

SailListings.com (www.saillistings.com) is excited and proud to offer you this great service and we look forward to becoming the #1 source for new and used sailing gear in the very near future.

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July 2014
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