Basic Listings offers basic listings ("Ads" or "Classifieds") to registered users at no charge. These basic listings are good if you are on a tight budget or just testing to see the market for your item(s) or service(s). A basic listing allows visitors to find your item or service as they browse or search the website.

Featured Listings offers featured listings ("Ads" or "Classifieds") to registered users for a only $24.99 for a 45 day period; the best value of any website. These featured listings are perfect if you are serious about selling your item(s) or service(s) in the shortest amount of time.

Featured listings are displayed on the top of the main home page within an interactive scrolling feature that displays your item or services default photograph, title and the first four words of your item or service description.

Featured listings are highlighted and marked as "featured" when visitors are browsing or searching the website.

Featured listings are posted on the Facebook page.

Featured listings are posted on the Twitter page.

Featured listings have a customized 45 to 60 second YouTube video created and embedded into the listing.

Featured listings have their customized videos posted on the YouTube channel. does not charge a commission or other fees once you sell your item or service. If your item(s) does not sell within the 45 day period - you can easily extend the featured listing for an additional $24.99 - a low, one-time fee can feature your item or service to thousands of potential buyers; across multiple platforms including social media.

Go To Top Option offers a go to top option for both basic and featured listings for only $14.99.

This is a great option if you wish to "refresh" your listing. Your listing ("Ads" or "Classifieds") will be moved to the top when visitors are browsing or searching the website. You can choose this option as many times as you would like while your listing is active on the website.

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